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Art and Religion

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Patti Smith and Christoph Schlingensief in conversation about art and religion, Haus der Kunst, December 14, 2008, Photo: Marion Vogel, © Haus der Kunst

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Alexander Kluge: The Complete Version of a Baroque Invention by Christoph Schlingensief

Jewish tombs in the twelfth century bear an emblem: a hare. In 1943, the symbol on the stones attracted the attention of Oberrottenführer Hartmut Mielke when his convoy was bulldozing Jewish cemeteries in central Germany so that the sites could be used for the construction of water tanks for fire trucks. The motif returns on tombstones from the seventeenth century: outstretched, prone hares “sleeping” or “slain.”
The Oberrottenführer, who was a dedicated local historian in his spare time, knew that this use contrasted with pagan depictions of hares in Celtic areas south of the Rhön Mountains, where hares are documented as appearing on sacrificial stone altars, but not on tombs. more…

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A Church of Fear vs. the Alien Within

A Church of Fear vs. the Alien Within. Stage installation of the Fluxus-oratorio by Christoph Schlingensief in the German Pavilion, Altar view with film projection
Photo: (c) Roman Mensing, artdoc.de

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Dear Christoph

Sunday, August 22, 2010, eight o’clock. Stunned by the news of your death that came yesterday—in the end, it was a surprise after all—and having slept only a few hours, I gaze into the morning sun, little big Scorpio brother, and find no way forward in my gloom. As though paralyzed, my mind keeps returning to something Bazon Brock made us take to heart: Death must be abolished, this damn mess must stop. Your fiftieth birthday was to be in a few weeks, the opera village project in Africa needed ongoing work, and of course you had hoped to make a personal appearance in Venice next year, where you were to design the German biennial pavilion. It would have been an honor for you to represent the nation and to irritate it as well, to challenge and provoke. more…

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Christoph Schlingensief on Richard Wagner



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The Squanderer